Department of Architecture Faculty Member Receives 2017 Women in BUILD Award

Mason AndrewsMs. Mason Andrews, Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, was recently named as the "Most Innovative Woman in Flood Risk Architecture (USA) and Academic Leader in Architecture Graduate Studies (USA)" by the BUILD magazine's 2017 Women in BUILD Awards.

At Hampton University, Ms. Andrews have developed a number of successful programs, including the third-year studio, an urban design program, as well as began a program on the Adaptation to Sea Level Rise. The latter program was one of the first programs devoted to design solutions adapting coastal urban communities to the challenges posed by Sea Level Rise. The knowledge base and the completion of the requirements for this program provide an advantage for our graduates seeking employment in the field.

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The work of Ms. Andrews and her students and colleagues on Sea Level Rise issues in Norfolk, VA was also recently highlighted in the Landscape Architecture Magazine. The team worked in the city's Chesterfield Heights neighborhood to design low-cost adaptations without disrupting the neighborhood's character. This work was featured in the December 2017 issue of the Landscape Architecture Magazine's article "The Rising Tidewater" by Brett Anderson.

Congratulations to Ms. Mason Andrews for outstanding work!