Career Development Resources

You should be planning your professional career as you learn your field. A great deal of career development information is available online. The sites listed below are just a selection to get you started. A site that also contains a wealth of career development information is the Hampton University Career Counseling and Planning Center.








Internships, Co-ops, and Summer Opportunities

Professional experience in your chosen field is an important part of your education. There are many summer and co-op positions available in architecture, aviation, and engineering, and you should discuss your interests with your peers and faculty members in your department to help determine what sort of position would be best for you.


Resume Writing

Your resume often creates the first impression you make on a potential employer. Take some time to read some resume-writing advice so that your resume creates opportunities for you.



Here are some links with advice on interviewing. Review the tips and sample interview questions, particularly if you are new to job-searching.


Career Fairs

Career fairs, on campus or at conferences, are great for making contacts with a number of companies. However, you should not attend a fair without preparation. The links below will direct you to do some homework and develop a strategy before the fair.