School of Engineering and Technology

Academic Programs

Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering

We prepare professionals who are ready to meet the challenges of the global marketplace in the built environment, transportation, and technology. The programs at Hampton University’s School of Engineering and Technology lead to baccalaureate degrees in Aviation, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and the degree of Master of Architecture. Through their studies and experiences here, students receive a strong, general education background in and out of the classroom. Using the training they receive, students are more aware of their social responsibilities to the community. As professionals, they can appreciate the importance of continuing professional development and lifelong learning.

The School’s faculty members and students have multidisciplinary scholarly and teaching interests that include catalysis, robotics, innovative design and development, reverse engineering, historic preservation, nanotechnology, education research in the respective fields, fuel cells, aerospace propulsion, city planning, sensors, energy, transportation, and kinetic structures. In particular, we look for connections across architecture, aviation, and engineering in our curricular and research activities.

The School emphasizes open-ended problem solving in all its programs. We prepare the workforce that will create the ideas of the future and apply them to improve society.

Join us in building your future – and help us build the technology future for our nation and world!